More about the Gallup Engagement Survey

On Oct. 3, you will receive an email to your Outlook inbox from Gallup. The subject line will read: [EXT] Tell us if you like your job – take the Gallup Engagement Survey.

This email link is significant to you, so please do not forward or share with anyone else.

The short survey takes only five minutes to complete and is an opportunity to share your workplace experiences as a staff or faculty member.

Individual survey responses will be completely anonymous and will be grouped into overall and/or workgroup-level reports.

If you experience a technical problem with the survey, please contact Gallup directly by clicking here

Survey results will be available approximately three weeks after the close of the survey on Oct. 14. All full-time employees will be able to view results in the Gallup Access Portal.

For more information about taking this survey, our Gallup Engagement Website has additional resources for team members to explore, such as FAQs, action planning, previous year results, etc.