Monte Cason, International Compliance Officer
June 11, 2021

Monte Cason, is now our full-time International Compliance Officer.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our compliance capacity at HSC with the creation of an International Compliance Officer (ICO) role. The responsibilities have been assumed by Monte Cason previously from our Office of Institutional Compliance & Integrity.

Since June, Monte has been working full-time as our ICO as a member of the Division of Research and Innovation. He is here to assist, advise, and teach all personnel on campus regarding international compliance efforts in the following areas:

• Export Control
• International Travel
• Foreign Engagements
• Restricted Parties

Monte will initiate methods and measures to mitigate our foreign risks in order to keep HSC compliant with U.S. regulations and protect the institution from external threats as part of the Institutional Compliance and Integrity Program. He can be reached for guidance and other information at: and at (817) 735-5678.
He is available for one-on-one visits, and for meetings with groups in departments, colleges and offices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mr. Cason is no longer engaged in his previous compliance role regarding clinical, healthcare, employee and other related matters generally associated with the Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness. For such inquiries and investigations, please contact that office: (817) 735-5131