Meet our Judges! 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off

Meet the judges of the 10th Annual Chili and Cornbread Cook-Off!

At this time, the judges are the following UNTHSC employees,

Sara Correa, Physical Therapy

Tom Diver, PA Studies

Betsy Friauf, Office of Communications – “Cornbread was a special treat when I was a kid…So it’s WAY up there on my list of comfort foods!”

Dr. Patricia Gwirtz, GSBS – “I love cornbread with some butter – it’s a meal in itself!

Sergeant David Hamer, Police

Matt Havlik, Office of Communications – “[I] only eat carbs.”

Dr. Tina Machu, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sharon Manson, TCOM

Dr. Witold Migala, SPH – “I love chili and have sampled batches all over Texas”

Jack Thetford, Facilities Management – “I can spot a good bowl of chili from a mile away!”