Lupus Research Alliance: 2023 Lupus Mechanisms and Targets Award

Letter of Intent due: March 1, 2023

The Lupus Research Alliance (LRA) is the largest private funder of lupus research worldwide. The organization aims to transform lupus treatment while advancing towards a cure by funding cutting-edge, innovative research.

Research Priority Areas

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

Defining pathogenic cell types in human lupus using state-of-the-art approaches

Defining the drivers of the type I interferon signature in lupus

Developing and applying ex-vivo human models of immune cell interactions for  disease modeling

Defining the role of the microbiome in disease pathogenesis and treatment in human lupus

Identifying ancestral differences in the presence and importance of disease pathways in lupus, such as those underlying lupus nephritis

Correlating clinical features of SLE with peripheral biomarkers

Characterizing the immunologic and molecular factors that differentiate responders from non-responders in each class of biologic therapeutics currently being used or tested in SLE.

Interested faculty members should thoroughly review the website (Lupus Research Alliance; 2023-LMTA-RFA.pdf ( for information about the Foundation’s grantmaking priorities and practices.  If you have a question about whether or not a proposed project is a good fit, you may contact Meredith Fogleman or Zoe Metcalf. Once you are ready to apply for a grant, Zoe Metcalf will assist you with the submission process.