Limited submission: Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation

Limited submission opportunities are those for which the agencies restrict the number of proposals or nomination a university may submit for consideration for an award. Extra submissions can result in rejection of all submitted by the institution. Therefore, all eligible and interested nominees must be internally screened to determine which will represent the university in the agency’s competition. This application is for the nomination from our institution.


Research Grants

The Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation makes grants for three specific purposes:

  1. support, aid and encouragement of the study, teaching, research, dissemination and perpetuation of the history of Texas,
  2. scholarships and grants to worthy and able students and doctors doing research on medical problems considered to be urgent and important by eminent medical authorities, and
  3. scholarships for worthy students who are residents of Texas, for advance study in graduate work in recognized graduate schools in the field of business, commerce, banking, finance, oil and gas, and related subjects.

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Internal Submission Deadline: October 1, 2022

For a full list of Limited Submission opportunities please visit: Grant Funding Opportunities – Limited Submissions – Research and Innovation (