Limited Submission: March of Dimes – Discovery Research Grants

Please see application requirements on the announcement website. Interested faculty will need to submit  on InfoReady.

Internal Submission Deadline: July 11, 2024

Funding Organization’s Deadline: September 6, 2024

Award Amount: $200,000 over two years inclusive of 10% indirect costs


Discovery Research Grants are the highest tier of grants available through March of Dimes. These grants are awarded to seasoned researchers seeking to make consequential translational discoveries that will drastically alter clinical care for pregnant women and babies, whether through evidence-based prevention, diagnosis or intervention.

Discovery Grants are funding vehicles for research inquiries that are as practical as they are ambitious, as attainable as they are groundbreaking, and as transformative as they are necessary. These grants are given to researchers with inquiries that have the power to drastically reshape outcomes for mothers and babies in America and strike a decisive blow against the maternal health crisis in this country.

The proposed research should focus on one of these priority topic areas:

  • Priority Topic 1 – Late Spontaneous Pre-Term Birth
    Focus on prevention and treatment of diseases in mom or baby leading to spontaneous premature birth. Investigations addressing all pregnancy-related disorders must have the potential to improve clinical care to prevent adverse maternal and child outcomes.
  • Priority Topic 2 – Racial Inequities as They Relate to Morbidity and Mortality Outcomes for Mothers and Babies
    Focus on physical, mental, or psychological outcomes affecting the ability of mother or child to thrive and maintain health during pregnancy, intrapartum, and up to one year postpartum. Investigations may address factors contributing to racial inequities.
  • Priority Topic 3 – Cardiovascular Health Conditions Developed During Pregnancy or Exacerbated During Pregnancy
    Focus on cardiovascular conditions that begin, develop, or get worse during pregnancy and how to characterize, prevent, and/or mitigate their development. Studies may investigate periods of pregnancy, intrapartum, and/or up to one year postpartum.
  • Priority Topic 4 – Maternal Stress, Its Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes, and How to Mitigate the Effects
    Focus on maternal stresses, mental, psychological, or physical. March of Dimes refers to these as Social Determinants and Drivers of Health studies. Applications in this area should have potential to impact achieving maternal and child health equity.

Please note:

  • All topics may include investigations looking at the periods of pregnancy, intrapartum, and up to one year postpartum;
  • All studies must have the potential to improve clinical care and decrease the rate of maternal mortality;
  • Research may include human studies or studies with human tissue or studies at the population level;
  • Models systems research is discouraged, but is eligible if used to validate novel human disease processes;
  • Research proposals may involve information and communications technology innovations; and
  • We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations including those with community-based partners.

For more information, please contact REAP.