Limited submission: Alcon Research Institute Young Investigator grant

Internal Submission Deadline: Saturday December 31, 2022

Internal Application link:


Funding Organization’s Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 5:00 pm

Discipline/Subject Area: Early Independent Career development of clinicians and scientists in vision research and ophthalmology

Number of Possible Awardees: 2

Limited submission opportunities are those for which the agencies restrict the number of proposals or nominations a university may submit for consideration for an award. Extra submissions can result in rejection of all submitted by the institution. Therefore, all eligible and interested nominees must be internally screened to determine which will represent the university in the agency’s competition. This application is for the nomination from our institution.

Alcon Research Institute Young Investigator Grants Eligibility and Guidelines: Intended to encourage and promote the early independent career development of clinicians and scientists in vision research and ophthalmology.

    • Along with the application, applicants should submit an up-to-date NIH-style bio-sketch or detailed CV, an up-to-date photo, and a letter of reference, preferably from the department head.
    • Only two applications are permitted from a given institution. If more than two applications are submitted, a note will be sent to the head of the department asking him/her to decide on the top two applicants.
    • The maximum grant amount is $75,000. The grant will be applied to support the research program of the grant recipient at their institution
    • A maximum of no more than 10% can be taken from the grant by the institution for Indirect Costs.
    • Applicants must be devoting at least 50% of their time toward research.
    • Grant date can be no more than eight years post training
    • No requirements based on Rank/Level/Title but Applicants must not yet have attained R-level grant status or equivalent. Candidate must be appointed or nominated to the assistant professor level (either research or tenure track). Associate professors are allowed, provided they are 8 years or less.

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For each competition, principal investigators are required to submit a limited submission pre-proposal by the internal deadline specified in the announcement. The pre-proposal should address the sponsoring agency’s priorities as outlined in the announcement.

The pre-proposal should be no more than 3 pages in length in 11-point font with 0.5” margins and must contain the following information:

    • Proposal title
    • Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator(s), Department and College
    • Proposed start date and duration of the project
    • Estimated (total) budget for the entire performance period
    • Summary of the project (main body of the document)

The limited submission committee will convene to review the pre-proposals following review guidelines. The committee will provide a recommendation to the Vice President of Research who makes the final decision regarding the internal competition.