Campus News

Leadership Change in the Center for Human Identification (CHI)

To: The HSC Research Community, HSC Faculty and Staff
From: Brian Gladue, PhD, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation
Re: Leadership Change in the Center for Human Identification (CHI)

As previously announced late last year, Dr. Bruce Budowle, long-standing member of HSC faculty, Regents Professor and current Executive Director of the Center for Human Identification (CHI), will be retiring January 31, 2022. Dr. Budowle’s areas of expertise, influence and engagement at HSC have been strong, extensive and far-reaching. There is not enough room to list his accomplishments in any email or announcement. CHI has numerous ongoing research activities and projects that benefit education, service and research serving our One University, the surrounding communities, the state of Texas and, frankly, the world. CHI is, indeed, globally known for its leadership in forensic genomics, innovations and applications. These great achievements were largely due to the collective effort of the entire CHI team, led by Dr. Budowle. Filling that set of roles and responsibilities will be daunting.

In that spirit, I wish to announce that, in his current role as Associate Director of CHI, and based upon recent conversations with him and other CHI personnel, I am very pleased that Dr. Michael Coble has agreed to serve as the Interim Executive Director of CHI, effective February 1, 2022. Dr. Coble brings a fine track record of academic, research and service accomplishments and experience to this new role and I, personally, look forward to his collaborative engagement with all units within CHI as well as the entire research community of HSC. As Interim Executive Director, Dr. Coble will continue to work directly with Dr. Budowle to ensure a smooth transition of operations and activities within CHI through January 31, 2022. Subsequently, Dr. Coble will direct and be fully responsible for all CHI operations as we seek a permanent Executive Director for CHI. I encourage all current and future partners in CHI activities to welcome Dr. Coble and offer whatever assistance and support he may require.

While change can present challenges, it also presents great opportunities. As we move forward and look ahead, the vision and direction for CHI will depend on the talents, input and feedback of all CHI members, in collaboration with Dr. Coble and the rest of HSC. And although leadership is changing, the mission must go forward for the betterment of those we serve. Your commitment and continued engagement are essential to that mission and the future success of our One University.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Coble as the new Interim Executive Director of the Center for Human Identification.