JOIN US – Heart Histories: Understanding Cardiovascular Health Disparities

The Heart Histories panel aims to address and analyze the unequal distribution of cardiovascular health outcomes among different demographic groups. The discussion will delve into the factors contributing to these disparities, such as socio-economic status, race, gender, and access to healthcare. Experts on the panel will explore research findings, share insights, and propose strategies to mitigate these disparities, ultimately fostering a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in promoting equitable heart health for all individuals.


Dr. Tonychris Nnaka, Associate Dean of Research for the College of Nursing. Dr. Nnaka’s research focuses on improving health outcomes and compliance to complex self-management and preventive health behaviors among ethnic minority populations living with hypertension, heart failure, and vascular dementia through digital therapeutics (DTx).

Dr. Emily Spence, Associate Dean for Community Engagement & Health Equity and Associate Professor Department of Population & Community Health, is a community-engaged scholar in the areas of of health inequities, program evaluation, interpersonal violence, poverty, homelessness, women’s health, lifestyle interventions and community assessment.

Survivor Doug Winkler

Moderator: Dr. Teresa Wagner, interim director for SaferCare Texas.

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A boxed lunch will be provided for the first 25 people!