Jason Mussell, PhD to present seminar on 3/15/24 at 11AM in LIB-110: “Anatomy’s Second Renaissance”.

Jason C. Mussell, Ph.D.

Professor – Research

Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy

LSU Health School of Medicine

Anatomy’s Second Renaissance”.

The European Renaissance brought a radical transformation of the sciences, the humanities, and politics. Anatomical educators again find themselves at the intersection of these forces. Anatomy’s position within the curriculum as foundational offers practitioners the opportunity to establish a common vocabulary based on scientific knowledge and its use of donors and human tissue establishes an environment where many students may confront the physical and metaphysical for the first time. Historically, anatomists have chosen not to focus on the metaphysical and philosophic aspects of the profession. However, modern healthcare education that is patient centric and espouses empathy frequently relies on anatomists to use their unique position to allow trainees to explore the more humanistic aspects of their themselves and their professional identity. Modern anatomists must embrace their role as guides and help connect past, present, and future trainees to both the body before them and the world around them as well.

Friday, March 15, 2024, 11:00AM-12:00PM, LIB-110

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Fort Worth, Texas