Its week 3 for Get Fit Texas

It’s week three of the 2023 Get Fit Texas! Challenge. In January many of us set goals for the New Year, but that motivation may now be running low. You aren’t alone. By some estimates, as many as 80 percent of Americans abandon their New Year’s resolution by February.

Making a New Year’s Resolution stick: Here are three tips to get back on track:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Success is not linear. Experiencing missteps when reaching your goals is normal. Work to recover momentum and get back on track.
  2. Start small. Start with tiny habits to make your new habit as easy as possible.
  3. Talk about it. Share your journey with others. Consider joining a support group or group of coworkers who want to increase their physical activity to help reach your goals.  Visit the events calendar weekly for easy and quick physicial activies including right from your desk while at work.

If you have not yet registered, there is still time to take on the challenge and compete against other state agencies login at Get Fit Texas! 

As a reminder, log in weekly to track your physical activity points.