Is your office freezing? Space Heaters on Campus

‘Tis the season of cooler temperatures, but before you bring that space heater to work remember that the Safety Office prohibits the use of personal space heaters because they pose a significant risk of fire.

If an employee has a medical need for a heater, please work with your HR representative to document the accommodation.

For employees that need a heater as part of an accommodation, it must meet these requirements:

1. The heater must have tip over protection (automatically turns off when tipped over).

2. The heater must have overheating protection (an internal thermometer that prevents overheating).

3. The heater must be plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a power strip or extension cord.

4. The heater must not be placed on or near combustible materials (paper, books, oil).

5. The heater must have an UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification.

6. The heater must be in good working order with no frayed wires or exposed heating elements.

7. Must not be placed within 3 feet of a thermostat.

8. Variable temperature settings are recommended (set to low to reduce power consumption).

9. Must be turned off when unattended.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so please share this information with others who may not read it. Thank you all for helping keep the campus safe.