Introduction to the Piecing Together Systematic Reviews Series – FREE webinar Wed Jun 5 at 10am (Sponsored by NNLM Region 3)

The Network of the National Library of Medicine Region 3, housed at the Gibson D. Lewis Library, would like to invite you to join us for a SPECIAL EDITION of our monthly webinar series, Health Bytes with Region 3.

This monthly 1 hour series focuses on topics of interest to clinicians, researchers, faculty and information professionals.

This special edition of Health Bytes with Region 3 will introduce the upcoming Piecing Together Systematic Reviews Series. The five-part series will introduce the review cycle framework, PIECCESS, as described in the book by Foster and Jewell (2022) Piecing Together Systematic Reviews and Other Evidence Syntheses. Throughout the phases, the potential roles for librarians will be discussed as well as categories of clients, such as those who read reviews as compared to those who conduct reviews.

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There will be 5 additional sessions between June and October 2024. Please register for each session individually.
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