Faculty Evals/Interfolio Key Dates & Other Helpful Information
July 5, 2021

Interfolio Key Dates:

Jul 18 –   Faculty should complete and submit their self-appraisals
Jul 31 –   Supervisors/Reviewers should complete July Check-In / EOY Performance
Reports for all faculty
Aug 16 – Deadline for Faculty and Supervisor discussions to be completed

Other Helpful Information to make your Interfolio EOY Performance Report Process smoother:

All Faculty should be updating their activities for FY21 within Interfolio

• While updating activities, be sure to save periodically or stay active in Interfolio so that the system does not time-out and cause you to lose already entered information.
• While you are actually typing in the EOY Performance forms, this does not count as activity. If you will be submitting lengthy comments, it is suggested to do this first in a Word document, then copy and paste into the EOY form. Another option is to click Return to Packet at the bottom of the screen every 15-20 minutes as this acts as a save button and will aid in you not timing out.
• You should submit the Faculty 180 Vita and the Candidate Requirements/Documents at the same time or your reviewer will receive notification before you are actually finished.
• There can be a 15-30 minute delay after items are submitted before the reviewer will be able to access/read the documents.

Additional Faculty Evaluation Information can be found here:

Faculty Evaluations

General Interfolio information found here:

HSC Interfolio

Please contact with any questions you may have.