Research Studies/Clinical Trials

Individuals with Knee Pathologies Needed!
July 1, 2021

You are invited to participate in a study being performed by researchers at the University of North Texas Health Science Center to understand walking symmetry. You can participate in this study if you are 18-95 years old, have been diagnosed with a knee pathology such as knee arthritis or chronic knee pain, can walk independently without an assistive device such as a cane or walker for at least 2 minutes or 50 yards. This study only requires 1 visit that may take up to 2 hours. You will fill out surveys and perform short walking tests routinely used in clinical practice while using wearable sensors. If you are a patient your participation, non-participation, or any response you give will in no way affect the care that you receive at your clinic. Please contact Sarah Moudy at to learn more!