Improve your strength and your physique with Morning S.E.T.

Morning SET (Strength Endurance Training)

If you?re looking to improve your strength, get more comfortable in the weight room and make changes in your physique, this class is right for you. If you?ve ever considered personal training but it didn?t quite fit into your budget, this class is a great way to reap the benefits of personal training at a much lower cost! Start your day off right with Morning S.E.T. to ignite your metabolism and get the results you want!

Workouts will be held in the weight room, incorporating free weight exercises and cardio intervals to maximize your time in the gym. Class size will be limited to only 8 people so that each participant can receive plenty of attention and feedback from the trainer. The cost for the class is $60 and class times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-7:15am, February 10th through March 5th, for a total of 8 workouts.

To register, please sign up at the front desk of the FAC.

To get the most out of any training program, we recommend evaluating your eating habits. To schedule a free nutrition consultation with our Certified Nutrition Specialist, Kyle Pawlak, please contact him at

**You must be a member of the FAC to register for this class**