IHA Presents: Dr. Marc Diamond, UT Southwestern: ?Tau Prions: Insights into initiation and diversity of neurodegeneration syndromes.? – May 10th, @ 8am for the NBA Symposium – CBH 220

Institute for Healthy Aging Presents:

Neurobiology of Aging Trainee Symposium

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marc Diamond, MD, founding Director of the Center for Alzheimer?s and Neurodegenerative Diseases, and is a Professor of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics at UT Southwestern.

Graduate Fellows conducting research on normal and pathological brain aging will be presenting their progress to the academic community. Individuals with interests in aging and nervous system function are

May 10, 2017
CBH 220 Alcon Auditorium
UNT Health Science Center

For more information, call 817.735.2331
Support through an NIH-sponsored grant
Training in the Neurobiology of Aging (T32 AG020494)Neurobiology of Aging
Trainee Symposium