IACUC GRAMS/Huron Transition Announcement

Dear Researchers,


Due to unresolved complications with the GRAMS/Huron system and new challenges that would arise from a scheduled upgrade, the IACUC will no longer be able to use the system for submission of new animal care and use protocols and amendments.

While we work to find a new, permanent solution, the Research Administration team has developed an interim web protocol form that will assist with protocol and amendment submissions. Our team will send out additional communications to researchers once the form is ready for use.


As we transition out of the system, we are highlighting some key dates for your reference:


  • April 2, 2024: This is the April IACUC Meeting Submission Deadline, and the last day we will be accepting protocols in the GRAMS/Huron system. The April meeting will be the last meeting we will conduct in this system.


  • May 7, 2024: This is the May IACUC Meeting Submission Deadline. All new protocols submitted for review at the May 2024 meeting will need to be submitted using our new interim protocol form (details on how to access and submit this form are forthcoming).


  • June 21, 2024: All pending protocols will need to be resolved by this date. Any pending protocols in the GRAMS/Huron system after this date will be administratively closed. Should the researcher wish to continue the protocol, a new protocol will need to be submitted with the new form for review by the IACUC. As these protocols have already been reviewed by the Committee, the PI may submit a request to the IACUC Chair for the protocol to be reviewed via Designated Member Review (DMR).


A special note about Amendments:

We will continue to accept amendments through the GRAMS/Huron system until June 21, 2024.

Please note that while this interim solution is implemented, the IACUC, in partnership with HSC and UNT System IT, remains committed to finding a long-term electronic protocol submission solution. We aim to either develop new software or identify an alternative system that adequately meets needs of the researchers, the IACUC, DLAM, and the IACUC/Research Compliance Office.

During this transition period, the IACUC Office will ensure that all protocols previously entered in the GRAMS/Huron system are accessible to researchers. We will provide regular updates on the progress of this initiative. Please feel free to contact the IACUC Office for any additional questions.


Best Regards,

The IACUC Office