HSC Research Institute Charter
September 9, 2022

HSC Research Institute Charter

The Division of Research and Innovation announces an updated formalization and standardization of research areas of strength at HSC, also known as Institutes.

At HSC, there are special areas of research emphasis supported in part by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation (EVPRI) as components of the Division of Research and Innovation (DRI). These DRI-designated entities are called “Research Institutes” and are administratively managed within the Office of the EVPRI. All DRI-designated Research Institutes will operate in accordance with the procedures as stated in the HSC Research Institute Charter. Currently, there are four (4) such Institutes: The Center for Human Identification (CHI) operating as an Institute, the Institute for Health Disparities (IHD), the Institute for Translational Research (ITR) and the North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI). It is expected that other, newer institutes may be designated in the future, in accordance with the Charter.

The Charter, formally reviewed and approved by the HSC Cabinet, is in effect as of Sept. 1, 2022. The policy regarding HSC Research Institutes can be located in Policy Tech (Policy 8.107 Sponsored Programs). The HSC Research Institute Charter can be found on the Division of Research and Innovation website.