HSC Property Control Updates

We are moving forward with the RFID asset inventory process for UNTHSC. Effective today, 8/22/16, the Facilities Workorder will replace the Equipment Transfer Notification (ETN) as the official document for updating assets.

The Facilities Workorder can be accessed via the intranet under The Frequently Used Links:


The requestor is required to provide the following on the Facilities Workorder for tagged assets:

1. Tag #
2. Description
3. Serial Number
4. Current and Updated Location
5. Current and Updated End User
6. Current and Updated Department, Fund Category, Fund and Function

At the time of pickup, if assets are not listed, the requesting department is responsible for updating the Facilities Workorder.

If Facilities is not required to physically move the assets, and a location, end user or department change is needed, please email the information to property@unthsc.edu.

For assistance with assets, please do not hesitate to contact Property Control at X2152.

Pamela Peden
Property Manager
UNTHSC Property Control