HSC Launches Process to Enhance Graduate Education

HSC has witnessed tremendous growth in its research enterprise, and graduate education plays a critical role in educating future scientists while propelling research initiatives forward.

It is essential to align graduate programs with existing and emerging research strengths. Graduate education deepens students’ knowledge and skills, preparing them for higher level roles in their chosen fields, addressing workforce demands, and cultivating the next generation of real-world leaders and innovators.

HSC has formed two task force committees to explore opportunities to enhance our graduate education programs. We invite you to join the conversation and provide insights and expertise. The co-chairs listed below will launch the committees at the end of June. Please connect with them with your input.

Task Force on Graduate Education
Co-chairs: Dr. Tom Cunningham, Tom.Cunningham@unthsc.edu and Dr. Melissa Lewis, Melissa.Lewis@unthsc.edu

The Task Force on Graduate Education is charged with assessing the current graduate governance structure and providing recommendations to build efficiency, maintain high quality and provide suggestions for areas of standardization or centralization of key services across all programs.

Task Force on Synergizing Research and Graduate Education
Co-chairs: Dr. Robert McClain, Robert.McClain@unthsc.edu and Dr. Rebecca Cunningham, Rebecca.Cunningham@unthsc.edu

The Task Force on Synergizing Research and Graduate Education is charged to evaluate the HSC research strengths and envision opportunities to foster stronger connections between graduate students and our research enterprise.