Hiring 2024 Orientation Leaders!

Apply to be a 2024 Orientation Leader! 
The application is officially open and is conducted through the Big Interview Platform, which is a pre-recorded interview comprised of 5 questions. The deadline is Wednesday, January 31st . You will hear from Jerrie Vasquez by Friday, February 16th if you have been selected to move forward to the last step, the in-person interview, or if your application is no longer under consideration. The link to the Big Interview can be found below. If you have any issues with the platform or would like to confirm that your interview was received, please do not hesitate to contact Jerrie at Jerrie.Conly@unthsc.edu.
Big Interview Link – 2024 Orientation Leader Application 
Access Code: e69bd4
Common Questions
Is this a compensated position?
  • Yes, each orientation leader is compensated $15 per hour and is eligible to work up to the maximum amount of 40 hours from their start date until the end of orientation. 
When is orientation?
Do I work every orientation or just for my specific program?
  • Orientation leaders only lead students for their same program. For example, a PA orientation leader will only lead incoming PA students, they will not lead Pharmacy students even though their orientations coincide. Although all orientations are combined with another program, you will only lead students within your program.