Service Interruptions

Heavy Parking Notification – IPE
October 26, 2021

Please discuss with your supervisor if remote work is an option for you.
We will host IPE(Interprofessional Exercises) which will bring 200 additional students from other campuses to HSC at these times:
Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1-5 p.m.
Please note that (regardless of how congested lots and garages become) parking is not allowed:
• Lot 1 – Patient parking only – HSC citation will be issued.
• Lot 7 – Marked and reserved for Piola patrons only – HSC citation will be issued.

Owners of these parking lots will tow unauthorized vehicles:
• McDonald’s
• Chicotsky’s shopping area
• The City of Fort Worth will issue citations for those who park on nearby streets labeled “Resident Parking”.

As always, if you cannot find parking, please contact the Parking Office at 817-735-2211 or Dispatch 817-735-2210. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Anyone with questions may contact