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Healthcare Disparities Series: Guest Speaker Brian Dixon, M.D. August 22, 2019 9:00 am – 10:30 am
August 21, 2019

Healthcare Disparities Series: Guest Speaker Brian Dixon, M.D.

Therapeutic Reparations: the biopsychosocioeconomics of healing cultural trauma.

Healing requires reframing uncomfortable conversations about health disparity through a therapeutic and reparative mindset.

During this 90 minute session, we will:

• Confront income and wage inequality across genders and races
• Define trauma in both diagnostic and clinical contexts
• Explore the term “cultural trauma” and its’ clinical manifestations
• Create roadmaps to treat the trauma of poverty as a specialty (and why everyone should have a therapist!)

About the speaker:
Brian J. Dixon MD, is an award winning psychiatrist, author, and speaker who believes adaptive mental health is the foundation of a life well lived. Overcoming poverty to become a physician, Dr. Dixon educates patients, colleagues, and society about income and wealth inequality through his private practice Progressive Psychiatry in Fort Worth, Texas and the non-profit think tank, Together Forward. Dr. Dixon is an expert in health care finance and fosters discussion on the healing power of entrepreneurship, autonomy, and self-reliance. As the inaugural Psychiatry Clerkship Director at the TCU & UNTHSC School of Medicine, Dr. Dixon blends academic psychiatry with a dollop of social justice and a dash of joy for the next generation of Empathetic Scholars.