NIH HEAL Initiative: Research to Increase Implementation of Substance Use Preventive Services

Funding Opportunity Number: RFA-DA-24-067

Deadline: January 17, 2024


The goal of this initiative is to support research that can improve public health and respond to the opioid crisis by increasing knowledge pertaining to the implementation and sustainability of prevention services. This notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) solicits applications to address understudied areas of opportunity that, if researched, could create the foundation needed to inform a prevention infrastructure for ongoing delivery and sustainment of interventions to prevent opioid and other substance misuse and use disorders.

Projects submitted in response to this NOFO may define research to inform the establishment of a prevention infrastructure in one of two ways –

  • Research on strategies to implement and sustain evidence-based prevention services, so they are embedded within existing systems and settings (e.g., healthcare, child welfare, justice, education), facilitating the ongoing delivery of prevention services by adapting programs to setting, using natural providers and leveraging existing resources within the system or setting; OR
  • Research to understand how to best develop and maintain an independent prevention workforce and delivery system that the settings/systems noted above can utilize to ‘refer’ individuals or families to for the receipt of preventive services when they may be experiencing risk for opioid or other substance use.

For more information, please see the funding announcement website.