Training Opportunities

Giving and Receiving Feedback
July 26, 2021

To get the most from feedback discussions, you are invited to explore these resources and review our HSC Strategic Roadmap. This will help ensure feedback and goals are consistent with HSC’s mission, goals, and strategy.

We also have two optional self-paced trainings specifically focused on giving or receiving feedback:

Providing Performance Feedback: The Foundation of the Supervisory Role at HSC

This module provides training for HSC Department Chairs and Staff Supervisors. You will learn about:

      • HSC’s expectations for providing feedback to faculty and staff members in your department,
      • Establishing accountability in your department,
      • How to have difficult conversations with those who report to you,
      • Planning for delivering critical feedback,
      • Instilling a culture of healthy feedback in your department, and
      • Tips for providing effective critical feedback.

Receiving Critical Feedback From Your HSC Supervisor

This module has been designed to  help you gain a better understanding of how to effectively receive and use feedback provided during performance check-ins with your supervisor.