FRAPA has changed to Fiscal Services

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to make you aware of some recent changes that have occurred within Financial Resources, Assurance & Policy Analysis (FRAPA). FRAPA welcomed Contract Administration back in the spring, and on Sept. 1, the Office of the Controller transferred from UNT System to FRAPA at HSC.

After consideration by my leadership team, these organizational changes inspired us to reevaluate our name. We are pleased to inform you that we are now Fiscal Services. The departments under Fiscal Services include Office of the Controller, Office of Contract Administration, Budget Office, Financial Resources and Operations (formerly Financial Resources and Policy Analysis), Financial Systems and Student Finance.

With the addition of these recent changes, we have redesigned our website. One of the biggest changes in the new website is the establishment of a Fiscal Services intranet page on HSC Insite. Content that has been deemed internal has been moved from our public-facing, external site to the intranet page. This content includes Budget Development resources, Contract Liaison and Total Contract Manager resources, Student Finance administrative forms and Cashiering forms and resources.

Fiscal Services Website

Fiscal Services Intranet

If you are having difficulty locating or accessing any content previously found on the old website, please email to We welcome any feedback that you may have as we continue to optimize our website to meet the needs of HSC  and the community.  

Thank you,

Chuck Fox, MBA, CPA | Chief Fiscal Officer
Fiscal Services