Food Pantry established for students in need

You’d never know it based on academic standings, but a student the Student Services CARE Team encountered had been living on campus with a family member for several days due to a fire in their apartment. The landlord refused to make repairs, the student was hungry and had limited funds–but both were determined he not interrupt his education.

The CARE Team jumped into action and found services to help the student and his family member until they got back on their feet. Since then, the student has graduated from UNTHSC and entered the medical profession.

Emily Mire, Director of Wellness Services, said that similar student challenges happen more often than you think.

"Our students are so high-functioning that it can be hard to see when they are struggling," Mire said. "Some of our students, many of whom have children, often find they run out of money for food at the end of the month, or they encounter other unexpected emergencies. They don’t need long-term assistance, but a little help during rough spots can make a huge difference in their lives and their families’ lives."

That’s why Student Affairs is establishing a food pantry-to help students work through those challenging moments. Anyone can make donations-just read the flier  for items needed and where to deliver them.

Thomas Moorman, Vice President of Student Services introduced the program with an email on July 21. For more information, please visit the website or email