FLSA Overtime Rule: Important information

The following information was emailed to all team members on Nov. 2, 2016 by Christopher DeClerk, UNT System Human Resources Total Rewards Director:

Earlier this year we advised everyone that the U.S. Department of Labor had announced a revision to the rule regarding overtime compensation.

  • The rule increases the overtime exemption salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476, and is associated to job ranges, not individual salaries. Individuals in jobs with salary ranges starting below the new minimum will be impacted.
  • The rule is effective December 1, and it will be implemented on our campuses November 27, the beginning of the work week that includes December 1.

An FLSA Task Force comprised of representatives from campus leadership teams, Human Resources, Office of General Counsel, Office of Finance, ITSS and Communications from all locations has reviewed the rule, identified impacted employees and taken steps to implement it at every System component.

Some exempt employees’ jobs will become non-exempt, which may affect workforce management, budgets and department planning. Although more employees will be eligible for 1.5 compensatory time, the rule change does not affect campus policies regarding office hours and operations or overtime and compensatory time.

Employees and their supervisors who are impacted by the 2016 FLSA overtime rule will be notified this week.

If you are interested in further resources regarding these changes, please visit the following links:

  • UNT System FLSA information, including frequently asked questions: https://www.untsystem.edu/hr-it-business-services/human-resources/flsa-fair-labor-and-standards-act-overtime-rule-2016

  • U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division: https://www.dol.gov/whd/flsa/

For questions, you are welcome to contact your UNTHSC Campus HR Team, HSC.HR@untsystem.edu or the Total Rewards Team, https://www.untsystem.edu/hr-it-business-services/human-resources/contact-human-resources/contact-total-rewards