Fee Increase Notice

Beginning November 14, 2016, in coordination with the Room Scheduling Office, the Classroom and Events Technology Support department (CETS), and Facilities Management will be implementing new fee schedules. These fees may apply to certain types of events that were not charged in the past. After a fee review it was determined that to cover associated costs, there will be an increase in charges for Custodial Services and CETS equipment fees. These fees will be charged to customers that fall within the specified criteria.

Events that will be charged:
? Community events ? affiliated and unaffiliated groups
? Events that are hosted by departments where HSC faculty, staff or students are not the majority in attendance
? Events that don?t support or align with the mission and values of UNTHSC
? Events that charge for attendance

An HSC event is an event that is related to the mission and values of UNTHSC. If a person employed at UNTHSC is a member or sponsor of an outside group holding an event on/off campus it does not necessarily qualify as an HSC event. This type of group event will also be subject to applicable CETS service fees.

If your event falls under any of the following, you will not be charged:
? UNTHSC hosted events (events hosted specifically for HSC faculty/staff/students to attend)
? Support for student groups during the week (Monday ? Thursday 7 am ? 9 pm; Friday until 5 pm)
? Regular classes by UNTHSC academic programs
? Special events ? Town Hall, Commencement, White Coat Ceremony, Discover MyHSC Day

Note that there will also be a small increase in the fees associated with having a campus police officer present for applicable situations.

For more information, please visit the CETS or Room Scheduling Office?s webpages