Faculty Recognition Awards deadline today

The Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office announce the inaugural UNTHSC Faculty Recognition Awards. These are peer-to-peer awards.

The request to develop these awards and funding originated with a discussion between then-Provost Thomas Yorio and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee more than a year ago.

The Faculty Recognition Awards Committee consists of a senator and faculty member selected from each of the five current UNTHSC Colleges/Schools. The immediate past-president of the Faculty Senate chairs the committee that will review nominations. Members of the committee and Academic Leaders (Chair and above) are not eligible for these awards.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, April 14, 2017. Please direct nomination materials and any questions to: Shay Singleterry, Faculty Affairs Associate Recording Secretary, Faculty Senate, 817-735-2103, Shay.Singleterry@UNTHSC.edu

• Award Criteria:
  – Must have demonstrated exemplary performance in at least two of the following categories, with quality activity in at least three categories. (The focus of the review will be over the past two years.)
  – Teaching – to include classroom, clinical, online, mentoring students in research and/or internships, teaching patients, residents, graduate students and peers
  – Research/scholarship – to include grants, publications, awards, etc.
  – Service – to include clinical activity, professional, university and community service
  – Leadership – to include officerships in professional organizations, editorships of peer-reviewed journals, chairing committees, task forces and lab teams, etc.

Nomination Criteria:
  – Must have been at the HSC and active members of the faculty for at least three years; may not be a faculty member with administrative appointments (chair, institute director, dean, for example).
  – Nominee’s primary appointment is to be 50 percent more at the UNTHSC (from any school/college program or combination thereof). A list of the primary appointments of UNTHSC Faculty is maintained and available at the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  – Nominations must be made by faculty who do not have administrative appointments (chair, institute director, dean, for example).
  – The nomination will include a detailed letter describing the nominee’s accomplishments, and the CV of the nominee. Letters of nomination should contain no less than 500 words and no more than 1000 words. Nomination letters should be concise, and should specifically comment on the nominee’s credentials for the award. The letter should identify specific ways the nominee has met or exceeded the above mentioned guidelines for teaching, research/scholarship, service, and leadership.
  – One faculty member from each school/college will be selected as a finalist. Of the five finalists, one will be selected as the overall winner.
  – The overall UNTHSC Faculty Recognition Award winner will receive a cash award of $10,000 and the four other finalists will receive cash awards of $2,500.
  – Faculty who receive awards will not be eligible for the two years following receipt of an award.
  – Nominees who do not meet the minimum criteria, as determined by the Faculty Award Committee, will not be considered for an award.