Faculty Assembly Date Change

Dear colleagues:

It has been brought to my attention that the next UNTHSC Faculty Assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, which falls during spring break for some of us. The following Faculty Assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, which falls during the summer break for some. Attendance at our Faculty Assemblies has been, shall I say, suboptimal, and holding the assemblies on these dates may make matters worse.

Accordingly, the Senate Executive Committee, in consultation with the Interim Provost and the President?s Office, has decided to schedule one Faculty Assembly in place of the two. It will be held Tuesday, May 9, at 5:15 pm in the usual location (Luibel Hall) with a reception following the assembly. This date is 11 days before UNTHSC commencement, and we are unaware of any conflict with official holidays. Your part of the bargain is to attend the May 9 Assembly.


Bob Mallet
President, UNTHSC Faculty Senate