Exfoliation Syndrome And Exfoliation Glaucoma, Pressure Independent Mechanisms of Glaucoma, Neuroprotection And Genetics Of Glaucomas That Affect People Under The Age Of 40

Deadline: March 1, 2024

Award Amount

Initial grant funding for one year is for up to $75,000; a grantee is permitted to apply for a grant renewal of up to $75,000. A renewal grant is a one-year grant based on research findings from the initial research.


The Glaucoma Foundation offers grants to researchers striving to improve the lives of glaucoma patients through novel innovations and scientific advances. The areas of current focus for TGF’s Grant Research program are Exfoliation Syndrome and Exfoliation Glaucoma, Pressure Independent Mechanisms of Glaucoma, Neuroprotection, and Genetics of Glaucomas that affect people under the age of 40 years. Examples of research that may be considered range from basic science to clinical interventions, such as genetics and genomic medicine, disease modeling, assessment of ocular perfusion, artificial intelligence, and clinical research. A priority will be given to novel proposals with a viable study hypothesis leading to impactful results that are fundable at the NIH level.

For more information, please see the opportunity website.