Evolving Dimensions of Interprofessional Education – Thurs, Nov 2nd from 12:00 to 1:30

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Evolving Dimensions of Interprofessional Education 

Speaker: Cynthia Carroll, MA, LPC, CPPS, PNAP 

Director, Interprofessional Education and Practice 


Time: Thursday, Nov 2nd, 12-1:30 pm  

Location: LIB 400 or Zoom (Meeting ID: 862 9015 9019)  

RSVP: DAI Events Calendar (Due by noon, Oct 31st)  



Interprofessional collaborative practice and interprofessional education have been meticulously defined and redefined by leading authorities in the field. Yet, these definitions are often subjected to varied interpretations and applications across different institutions.  

This session aims to delve deeper into these definitions, offering participants a clearer perspective on the existing flexibility and guiding institutions on optimizing the delivery of top-tier Interprofessional Education (IPE) within current frameworks. 


Provide a clear understanding of the foundational definitions related to interprofessional collaborative practice and interprofessional education. 

Explore the impact of these definitions on shaping our approach and identifying potential boundaries. 

Envision innovative paradigms for classifying and expanding the scope of interprofessional endeavors.