Encryption Month Winners Announced!
November 5, 2015

First of all, a big thank you to each of the participating departments; over 140 laptops were encrypted this month!

Here are the winners of the $25 gift card:
Carrie Conditt
Laura Mattingly
Matt Havlik

The Department that wins the iPad mini:
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Congratulations everyone! The winners can pick up their loot at the Helpdesk in Lib 202.

That being said, laptop encryption is far from over. This is still a mandatory directive, all UNTHSC laptops MUST be encrypted. With October Encryption-apoolza only three, THREE departments have been fully compliant. If your department is not one of these three, you will be getting an update on your department?s progress.

Again, this is NOT OPTIONAL. Any unencrypted laptop must be turned in or retired to the Property Office. Laptop encryption protect you and your department from a data breach, which can result in potential fines in excess of $1.0 million per incident and civil liability. Federal law (HIPAA, HITECH), as well as State of Texas Administrative Regulations requires the protection of certain data and holds individuals as well as organizations responsible for implementing security controls to protect data from unauthorized access in the event of theft or loss of a device.

The length of time for encryption depends upon the age of the computer, the computer hardware, and the operating system. If the laptop does not meet encryption requirements, it may need to be replaced, or held for additional work (see FAQ?s below).

A list of laptops assigned to your area/department (per Property Control) is available upon request to the ITS Helpdesk via email to If any of these laptops are no longer in use by your department, we ask that an ETN be completed in order to update the property records as required by Institutional asset management policy. It is likely that laptops older than 4 years will either have to be re-formatted in order to support encryption, or will not be compliant and will have to be sent to surplus and replaced.

The Institutional Compliance Office is currently tracking the overall progress, and effort to encrypt all Institutional laptops. We will be reporting metrics to the HSC Executive Team, and the Board Of Regents as part of the Institutional risk management program.

ITS Helpdesk