Grants and Funding Opportunities

Effective 06/17/2021 Proposal Deadline Exception Request Update
June 7, 2021

We recognize and appreciate all the time and effort, in the midst of COVID, that you’ve invested in your
proposal applications.
As we return to campus, we will return to strict adherence to the Proposal Submission Deadline policy to
ensure that all sponsor deadlines are met and to provide improved pre-award service levels.
The Office of Sponsored Programs Pre-Award team will be strategically focusing on review and
assessment of proposal related processes and procedures in order to identify areas where improved
efficiencies and enhanced communication and information are needed, and to map out our timeline for
implementing efficiencies and providing informational resources to you.
We are in the design and testing phase of a new Grants and Research Administration Management Suite
(GRAMS) which will provide you with additional transparency for sponsored project proposals and
awards. We are addressing process efficiencies as part of the GRAMS implementation targeted this fall.
We are asking you to partner with us to help ensure all your administrative proposal documents are
received complete and in final form by our Pre-Award team before, or at a minimum by, the 5 business
day deadline.
Effective June 17, 2021, and for the upcoming months during the design, testing and implementation of
GRAMS, the Office of Sponsored Programs will not be accepting Late Exception Requests.
All proposal documents for submission need to be received by the OSP Pre-Award team in accordance
with the Proposal Submission Deadline
Please plan accordingly and request assistance in advance to meet your needs.
For clarity, please note some pertinent examples below:
Incomplete internal approvals on the EPT and/or Cost Share forms at the 5 business day deadline
will prevent proposal submission.
Missing Letters of Support or other documents considered “Administrative” documents, which
are not received by the 5 business day deadline, will not be included in the proposal submission.