Drug Box Program

Deposit your unwanted prescription drugs in the Med Return Drug Collection Unit located inside the HSC Police Department lobby. It is important to know and understand that expired prescription medications pose a danger to young children and the environment. Please see the following guidelines for the Med Return Drug Collection Unit:
The accepted items include the following:
 Prescription Medications (pills)
 Over-the-counter medication (pills)
 Vitamins (pills & gel caps)
 Samples (pills)
 Mediations for pets (pills)

The non-accepted items include the following:
• Needles (Sharps)
• Thermometers
• Inhalers
• Medication from businesses or clinics
• Ointments, Lotions, or Liquids
• Prescription Patches

In addition, medications must be placed in a Ziploc bag before being placed in the Drug Collection Unit.