Dr. Thomas’ Age of Disruption Tour – Performance on Aging for All, Free for Students

Dr. Bill Thomas is a renowned geriatrician out of Ithaca, New York (author of 14 books, founder of the Eden Alternative www.edenalt.org and also The Green House Project www.thegreenhouseproject.org, both of which have turned into a global movement to improve living conditions around the world for frail elders).

Dr. Thomas? Age of Disruption Tour will have a Fort Worth stop on Monday, Nov. 14, at Casa Manana with 2 events: (1) ?Disrupt Dementia? in the afternoon, and (2) ?Life?s Most Dangerous Game? in the evening. Tickets are $20 each for Event ($5 discount for group purchase of 20+).

Tickets are available online for $20 for each event ($15 for group tickets of 20+). CEUs are available for social workers and activity directors for an additional $33 (charged by the accrediting agency). All proceeds from the Tour go into Dr. Thomas? 501(c)3 nonprofit to continue the work he?s doing to change the American culture about aging. He teaches that it?s not true that ?Young=good; old=bad.? Every decade of life has its pros and cons and aging is not just about ?declinism.? Aging can also mean ?growth??right up to the very end of life.