Fitness & Wellness

Don’t want to exercise in the rain? Come work out for FREE at the Fitness Center!
February 23, 2018

On raining days like today, it can be a challenge to work out, especially if you walk or run outside as your daily exercise. You could get sick running in this weather or slip and fall! Don’t let Mother Nature ruin your work out plans. Come join us for 3 FREE workouts at the Fitness Center on campus. We offer 3 FREE guest passes to the UNTHSC community. We also offer $5 day passes for those who have already used up their 3 free sessions. So, let’s get those endorphins flowing despite this gloomy weather!
For more information about guest/day passes, visit our FAQ page:
Additionally, if you are looking to join a gym, please consider joining the Fitness Center family on campus. We offer a very competitive membership rate at only $200/year ($16.67/month). For information on membership rates and how to join, visit our Membership Rates page:
For questions, please email