Do you pledge? Now you can join students in pledging to uphold our values

A video created by UNT Health Science Center students started as an initiative for students to pledge to fulfill our values. Now it has inspired UNTHSC leadership to take the pledge, and we’re opening that up to all faculty and staff.

 "We are all one team," said La’Cresha Moore, Director of Student Services. "Our success is dependent on each team member upholding Our Values." Everyone who takes the pledge will receive a lapel pin depicting the compass on our Values flier. Moore said, "This pin will serve as a visual reminder of our commitment to living Our Values."

Take the pledge.

The students pledged to serve others first, act with integrity, be respectful, collaborate and be visionary. In particular, the students pledged to hold themselves and others accountable for living the values – as well as allowing others to hold them accountable.

Steve Sosland, Chief People Officer, said the students are the reason for this institution.

"Their deep commitment to Our Values serves as an inspiration to us all to hold ourselves accountable to develop a values-based culture."

Staff and faculty are encouraged to hold others accountable as well.

"By choosing to lead and serve from our values, we will create and sustain a culture that will have a lasting impact on each other, our students and our community," said Moore.

So far, 254 people have taken the pledge, and word is just starting to get out.

If you pledge to be accountable for our values, hold others accountable and let others hold you accountable, you can take the pledge here.

The pins can be picked up at the Office of Student Development in EAD 116 any time after you’ve taken the pledge.