?Do you have a story about a vendor??

The values-based vendor program is nearing the implementation phase, which includes four components:
Revision to the UNTS Procurement Guide,
A Vendor Relations Website & Video,
A Vendor Relations Survey, and
A Partnership Program

We are looking for very specific stories about vendors that will highlight either, the exceptional service, or the problems that we encounter.

Here are a some examples:
PDV Associates – This recommendation comes on the heels of a two day service job; removing the trip hazards with the MET entry grids. The technician (Mike) intended to complete the job in one day (eight hours), but due to installation issues took an additional fifteen hours. Mike stated a few times, ?I want to make sure you?re happy with the job?. The stainless steel bolts supplied by the manufacturer proved to be one of the problems. Mike purchased the bolts needed ?to do the job right?. The next day, I received a phone call from their office expecting them to ask for additional money, but they didn?t. Stephanie was calling to make sure I was happy with the work. Although PDV Associates, Inc. does not broadcast their values, they apparently have good ones and they use them to make their daily decisions. This example contains enough detail.
Advanced Petroleum – Advanced Petroleum is a vendor that UNTHSC has purchased diesel fuel from. Diesel fuel is used to run our back-up generators that provide power to our buildings in the event of a power outage.
Advanced Petroleum has declined future business with UNT based on our inability to pay invoices within 15 days. This example needs further detail.

Stories submitted may be included in the Vendor Relations Video.

Please email your stories to: david.lipe@unthsc.edu