Direct deposit bank information

UNTHSC Interim Chief Financial Officer Gregory R. Anderson emailed this message to all teammates on Aug. 5, 2016:

HSC Faculty and Staff,

Due to three occurrences of employees’ bank routing instructions being fraudulently changed, System IT and Payroll teams have shut down online service which allowed the creation or update of direct deposit (DD) bank information.

For the protection of our employees, System IT and Payroll have devised the following new process to be used until the online system is determined to be safe from outside fraudulent activities to include:

1) The online service to make changes to direct deposit information was cut off. This will not allow any new or existing employees to make any changes.

2) Payroll has developed an alternative temporary process and created a new employee direct deposit form for employees to complete.

3) When new or existing employees log into the direct deposit page, they will be greeted with a message informing that the online service is disabled so that enhancements to this service are made. Payroll will receive their contact information through an automated email process and one of the staff members will contact employees via phone within 24 to 48 hours from the receipt of the communication and send them a direct deposit form and provide instructions how to complete the form.

4) Once the direct deposit from employees is received, payroll will call them again and verify the bank information.

5) The direct deposit bank (DD) account will be created/updated and then email will be sent from payroll informing employees that DD account is set up.

6) EIS system will also send an auto email alert informing employees about changes being made to direct deposit.

I appreciate your patience during this inconvenience and we hope the problem gets resolved in a timely manner. Remember, this only applies to you if you are changing your direct deposit bank information or setting it up for the first time.
If you have any questions, please call me at the number below.

Thank you,

Gregory R. Anderson
Interim Chief Financial Officer