Deadline extended: You have until April 14 to get on priority list for Little Learner U

Friday, April 14, is the last day for UNTHSC employees and students to submit a completed interest form and get their children on the priority list for Little Learner U, which opens this summer on campus.

Interest form:

More than a day care center, Little Learner U, managed by Bright Horizons, provides award-winning curriculum for each stage of a child’s growth. UNTHSC provides a 10 percent tuition subsidy to employees and students, and the on-campus center is one more initiative toward creating a Best Place for All.

See the presentation from the Family Information Sessions conducted in mid-March:

Check this Insite News story for more information about Little Learner U:

You can also call Center Director Charmaine Ramirez, 817-735-7637, and talk by phone or arrange for an in-person chat.

And since UNTHSC’s facility is being renovated and not available for tours, Ramirez can help interested parents tour other local Bright Horizons-managed centers.