Create a healthier community by recycling more!

In addition to our co-mingle recycling program, we also have a Recycling 2.0 program which includes ink cartridges, cell phones and batteries.

You can either send these by interoffice mail to FMB 110 (even the large items if they’re in a box) or place them in the Recycling 2.0 receptacles located on the MET building’s first floor near the Four Star Cafe and on the Library’s second floor by the Java Lab. We have only these two locations due to the fire hazard of collecting batteries.

Please leave the larger cartridges/toners in their original box to minimize ink leakage. If you require a special pickup, please contact the Office of Sustainability,

Please do NOT place these items in the co-mingle recycling as they require special recycling, and please do NOT leave them in hallways or on the trash/recycle bins as they will not get recycled.

Coming soon: Glove recycling in labs!

Questions? Please call 817-735-2451.