Congratulations to TCOM Students

TCOM’s students who participated in the Pediatric Research Program won two of the three First Place awards in the 2018 annual Texas Pediatric Society’s E-Poster Contest.

Category: Evidence Based Medicine/QI
Presenter: Tesneem Issa
Presenter’s Institution: UNTHSC/TCOM
Poster Title: Evaluation of a Sepsis Screen Tool’s Impact on PICU Organ Dysfunction
Authors: Tesneem Issa, Julian Nguyen, Javier Gelvez, Lorrainea Williams, Charity Darnell, Tyler Hamby

Category: Single or Multiple Case Presentation
Presenter: James Meiling
Presenter’s Institution: UNTHSC/TCOM
Poster Title: Recurrent Migraines as the Presenting Symptom in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report
Authors: James B. Meiling, Priya K. Bui