Congratulations to TCOM Students
August 13, 2018

TCOM’s students who participated in the Pediatric Research Program won two of the three First Place awards in the 2018 annual Texas Pediatric Society’s E-Poster Contest.

Category: Evidence Based Medicine/QI
Presenter: Tesneem Issa
Presenter’s Institution: UNTHSC/TCOM
Poster Title: Evaluation of a Sepsis Screen Tool’s Impact on PICU Organ Dysfunction
Authors: Tesneem Issa, Julian Nguyen, Javier Gelvez, Lorrainea Williams, Charity Darnell, Tyler Hamby

Category: Single or Multiple Case Presentation
Presenter: James Meiling
Presenter’s Institution: UNTHSC/TCOM
Poster Title: Recurrent Migraines as the Presenting Symptom in Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report
Authors: James B. Meiling, Priya K. Bui