Congrats: HSC faculty members in SBS receive Preclinical Imaging Core Pilot Grants from REAP

HSC has recently teamed up with MR Solutions, a leader in preclinical imaging systems, to acquire the following equipment:

– A 7T Preclinical MR system based on dry magnet technology
– A floor-standing high-resolution CT system
– A PET system using clip-on technology to move between the CT and the MR systems
– A multi-pinhole SPECT system based on the clip-on technology

The Preclinical Imaging Core provides HSC faculty with access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies and facilitates translational research using small animal models to assess normal tissue/organ function, follow disease pathophysiology and investigate new therapeutic approaches. The Core’s team can help in the design and implementation of studies.

The following HSC faculty members from the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBS) were recently awarded Preclinical Imaging Core Pilot Grants from the Research Enhancement Assistance Program (REAP) at HSC. Each recipient received $4,000.

– Abe Clark, Ph.D., Regents Professor, Pharmacology and Neuroscience
“Magnetic resonance imaging of visual pathway in a mouse model of optic nerve crush-induced neurodegeneration”

– Ran Liu, MD, Research Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Neuroscience
“Recurrent Transient Ischemic Attack and White Matter Hyperintensity”

– Rachel Menegaz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Physiology and Anatomy
“A Novel Staining and Scanning Methodology for Visualizing Skeletal and Soft Tissues Using Micro-CT”

– Derek Schreihofer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Neuroscience
“DTI for longitudinal monitoring of sub-concussive brain injury”

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