Communicating Inclusively about Disability & Accessibility – Friday, Nov 11th @ 11:45 AM

Academy of Health Science Educators

Title: Communicating Inclusively about Disability and Accessibility 

Speaker: Brandie Wiley, Director, Office of Disability Access 

Location: LIB 400 or Zoom  

Time: 12-1 pm, Friday, Nov 11th (Lunch starts at 11:45 am) 

RSVP: Go to DAI Events Calendar (Due by 1 pm, Wednesday, Nov 9th) 

Session Objectives: 

  • Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate communication with students receiving accommodations  
  • Identify when to use people-first vs identity-first language. 
  • Categorize disability-related terms as appropriate or inappropriate to use 
  • Provide examples of appropriate etiquette when communicating with students with disabilities 
  • Explain the danger and harm done by excessive focus on how “inspirational” a person is and excessive public praise