CETS Announcement: What You Need to Know to Use Classroom/Meeting Room Computers

Everyone who lectures or host events are used to walking into a classroom and seeing the computer logged in at the desktop, this has changed.

Now, faculty/staff and students will need their EUID and password to log into all classroom computers. This includes computers that are located in meeting rooms listed in the Events Management System.

Things to note:
Sign Out – Be sure to sign-out of computers in classrooms and meeting rooms when finished. It is important that log-ins only be used by their owner. Please do NOT shut the computer down or turn off, just sign-out.

Guest lecturer – If you are having an outside lecturer come in please contact CETS at cets@unthsc.edu . CETS can provide accommodations for those without an EUID and password.

Adjunct Faculty – Should have an EUID and password to log into the computers. If not, or there are issues with the login information, please submit a ticket to Service Now so that the accounts administrator can be notified.

Please contact cets@unthsc.edu if you have questions