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Chemical and Biological Sensor Development for Human Performance and Protection – UNT Dept of Materials Science & Engineering Seminar
February 10, 2021

UNT Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series presents

Chemical and Biological Sensor Development for Human Performance and Protection
Steve Kim, PhD
Air Force Research Laboratory

February 12, 2021
2:00 PM

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Seminar ID: 202102121400

Abstract: The autonomous and artificial intelligence systems are being spot-lighted for an effective man-machine teaming. In the man-machine teaming loop, the human and their decision making remains detrimental to the success of the team’s mission. The precise, noninvasive, and continuous assessment of human cognitive and physiological status not only enhances the efficacy of human decision making, training, authority assignment, and commanding, but also establishes a human protection measure by prescriptive treatment or augmentation. Human performance monitoring
(HPM) has been emerging as a key element in the future biomedical, athletic, and defense areas. Human performance monitoring and health protection require precise monitoring of chemicals and biochemicals. The biomarker detection in physiologically relevant media, such as sweat, saliva, and exhaled breath faces significant challenges ranging from chemical interference to environmental extremity. This presentation will provide an in-depth look on the factors governing in biomarker sensor development. Specific attention will be given to the biorecognition element (BRE) design, biotic-abiotic interface, surface BRE packing density, and the electronic/electrochemical detection mode to mitigate the challenges in the sensor development.